Chicken and Bacon… Amazing! If you add a lot of delicious spices and a blend of chili powder and brown sugar, then, my friends, let me tell you that you have a triple threat on your hands. It already sounds like a win. The ideal balance of sweet, smoky, and spicy flavors. This turned out to be a hit for the lunch that I cooked. Even Isaac enjoyed it, which came as a surprise given that they had a somewhat spicy bite to them, and Isaac is not a fan of foods with a strong spicy flavor.

In light of the fact that the chicken and bacon had been marinated in brown sugar and chili spice, I wasn’t sure how much I was going to like it since I’m not usually a fan of meats that have a very sweet flavor. Oh, how mistaken I was! It had a sweet taste, but the sweetness was well-tempered by the other ingredients. It was like having a flavorful get-together on my tongue, with all of the tastes mixing and having a good time. When they are served scalding hot straight from the oven, they have a flavor that is quite similar to being grilled.

I’ve eaten something very much like this previously in the shape of a bite-sized appetizer, but the chicken hadn’t been seasoned beforehand, so my experience wasn’t all that pleasant. They come out looking like whoa after being seasoned. You are free to use any seasonings you prefer, however below you will find a mix of spices and herbs that I find very tasty. It’s not hard at all.


Chicken tenders; I used 10 chicken tenders.

10 bacon stripes; slice them in half length-wise.

1 Tsp.Of salt.

1 Tsp.Of paprika.

1/2 Tsp.Of black pepper.

1 Tsp.Of onion powder.

1/2 Tsp.Of Italian seasoning.

1 Tsp.Of garlic powder.

2/3 Cup.Of light brown sugar.

2 Tbsp.Of chili powder.


1st Step

Combine in a bowl the following: salt, paprika, black pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, and Italian seasoning.

2nd Step

Spread the mixture evenly over the chicken tenders, being sure to cover both the top and the bottom, and fully covering them with the spices.

3rd Step

Wrap the chicken tender with two slices of bacon strip and set it aside. Tuck in all loose ends. Brown sugar and chili powder should be mixed together.

4th Step

Spread a good amount of this mixture over the top and bottom of the chicken that has been wrapped in bacon. Applying a thick coating to the chicken requires pressing the sugar mixture into the meat.

5th Step

Turn the oven on to 350 degrees. In the meanwhile, arrange the chicken in a single layer on a grill pan that has been buttered.

6th Step

Bake the chicken for 25 to 30 minutes, or until cooked through and the bacon is crisp. If you want the bacon to become even crispier, you may broil it for the last few minutes of cooking.