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Delicious Beef Stew




1lb of beef stew meat

2 tbsp all purpose flour

1 medium carrot

1 medium potato

1 clove garlic

1/2 of a medium onion

1 bay leaf (dry)

3 springs or fresh tyme

1 spring fresh rosemary

1 tbsp tomato paste

1 tbsp beef flavor better than bouillon

2 tbsp red wine (optional )I had some so I just used a little.

1/2 cup frozen green peas

2 cups beef broth(low sodium)

  • Directions:

In a deep pot add 1 tbsp of oil to heat up then add 2 tbsp flour to the beef coat then brown remove from pot .

Now add:

carrots,onion,garlic and diced potaoes cook for 3 minutes.

Then add:

Tomato paste red wine ,bay leaf ,tyme ,a little black pepper ,tbsp of beef flavor better than bouillon and rosemary cook another 5 minutes.

Then add beef broth simmer on medium heat for 2 and a half hour .

After 2 and a half hours add green peas to cook another 5 minoutes your done.