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3 cups of flour.

One cup of sugar.

1/4 cup of margarine.

3 eggs.

One tsp. of baking powder.

One tsp. of vanilla extract.

Lemon cream.

For decoration: Margarine.


Step 1

To begin, preheat your oven to a temperature of 180°C and make sure to grease the tart pans thoroughly.

Step 2

In your electric mixer, place the butter and add the flour to it. Mix the two ingredients together thoroughly until you achieve a sandy consistency.

Step 3

Next, add the sugar and salt to the mixture and blend it once again until everything is well combined.

Step 4

Now, add the eggs and vanilla to the mixture, and beat everything together until it becomes homogeneous. Continue beating until you achieve a soft and cohesive dough.

Step 5

Place the rolling pin on a clean and dry surface, and proceed to roll out the dough until it becomes thin.

Step 6

Take the thin dough and carefully place it onto the molds. Use the rolling pin to press the dough, ensuring it fills the mold completely. Roll the pin over the top of the molds to cut off any excess dough from the outer edges.

Step 7

Press the dough with your fingertips well until it adheres to the molds.

Step 8

Then, press the tart dough with a fork all over and bake for about 20 minutes.

Step 9

Remove the tarts from the oven and allow them to cool for a short while.

Step 10

Place a small scoop of lemon cream onto each tart, and then spread a layer of meringue over the cream.

Step 11

Repeat the process with the remaining tarts until you have used up all the dough and fillings. Once done, set the completed tarts aside in a clean and dry place until you are ready to serve them.

Step 12

Arrange the tarts on a plate, stacking them neatly. They are now ready to be served alongside your favorite beverage. Enjoy!


– Ensure ingredients are at room temperature.
– Press the crust firmly for a solid base.
– Pre-bake crust to prevent sogginess.
– Use clean utensils for meringue.
– Toast meringue carefully for a beautiful finish.


– Add a berry swirl to the filling.
– Use a graham cracker crust.
– Garnish with lemon zest.
– Make mini-individual cheesecakes.
– Add coconut to the crust or topping.