The delectable Garlic Butter Mushrooms that you are about to cook are the easiest side dish that you will ever prepare. They take just 5 minutes to make, are cooked in the oven, and go well with practically any dish. It’s one of my favorite things to make for the holidays and all through the year, especially with steaks and other lean meats.

Garlic Butter Mushrooms make for an excellent side dish; Mushrooms that are succulent and meaty are covered in garlic butter, then seasoned, and lastly sprinkled with fresh herbs. It’s a time-honored dish that’s sure to win over everyone!

These mushrooms are coated in the most mouthwatering and smooth garlic butter. It is a meal that can be prepared quickly. One of the easiest appetizers or side dishes you could ever make! Making it requires just a few basic ingredients that are easy to have on hand in the kitchen. This side dish has a wonderful richness of flavor thanks to the addition of some soy sauce, which is a wonderful match to the earthy mushrooms and adds a great depth of flavor to the dish.
Versatile. This recipe is suitable for a variety of mushroom types!

I really hope you’ll give all of the recipes I share with you a try, especially this mouthwatering recipe for Garlic Butter Mushrooms. I expect that you give it a go, that you like it, and that you recommend it to your friends and family!


Baby Mushrooms; I used 900 grams.

⅓ Cup.Of butter – melted.

Minced garlic; I used 6 cloves.

1 large spoon.Of freshly cracked black pepper

2 large spoons.Of soy sauce ( or balsamic vinegar).

Salt – to taste.

1 large spoon.Of chopped parsley.


1st Step

To start, you need to turn the temperature in the oven up to 400 degrees.

2nd Step

Next, the mushrooms need to be rinsed and then patted dry. After the stems have had their edges trimmed, place them in a sheet pan.

3rd Step

Put the butter in a bowl, then put the bowl in the microwave for 20 seconds to melt the butter.

4th Step

After adding the garlic, salt, pepper, and soy sauce, thoroughly mix the ingredients together. After pouring the butter mixture over the mushrooms, make sure they are evenly coated.

5th Step

Bake them in the oven for fifteen minutes while stirring them halfway during the cooking time. You may add more time to the cooking process if you like the mushrooms to have a well-done texture.

6th Step

Take the dish out of the oven and sprinkle some freshly cut parsley over the top.