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A single portion of Dawn dishwashing liquid.

Two portions of 3% hydrogen peroxide.


Step 1

Take a measuring cup and combine the Dawn dishwashing liquid and hydrogen peroxide. Swirl the mixture gently to ensure a thorough blending of the two ingredients.

Step 2

Transfer the blended mixture into a spray bottle that has a dark-colored exterior. Once filled, place the spray bottle in a dimly lit area for storage.

How to use it?

To utilize this stain removal spray, simply spritz it onto the affected area and proceed to wash it. Begin by spritzing the stain with the cleaner, ensuring that the stain is thoroughly soaked after each application.
It is advisable to test the colorfastness of colored clothing items before applying the stain remover. Take a small amount of the stain remover and apply it to an inconspicuous area of the garment to check for any potential color changes. Although I have personally used this stain remover on black clothes without encountering discoloration issues, it’s important to note that different materials and colors may react differently, so results can vary.

In summary, the ultimate stain remover made from Dawn dishwashing liquid and hydrogen peroxide is a powerful and effective solution for removing stubborn stains. While it’s important to test for colorfastness and consider different materials, this cost-effective remedy offers a convenient way to restore items to their original, stain-free state.