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Cooking Time:

About 2 mins in keeping with pancake. The number of pancakes you can make will depend on the size of your skillet or pan.

Hello foodies!! In the realm of breakfast cuisine, few dishes hold as much universal appeal as the humble pancake. These circular delights, characterized by their golden exteriors and pillowy interiors, evoke feelings of nostalgia and comfort that transcend generations.

The sizzle of batter hitting a hot griddle, the anticipation of the first flip, and the sweet aroma wafting through the kitchen create an experience that’s as much about sensory pleasure as it is about taste.
Today, we present you with a pancake recipe that’s not just a collection of ingredients and steps, but a gateway to an unparalleled breakfast experience. In a world that often moves too quickly, these pancakes invite you to pause and savor a moment of culinary magic. With a handful of common kitchen staples and a touch of culinary finesse, you can craft these pancakes, making every morning a celebration of flavor and togetherness. Join us on this journey, and soon, you’ll be creating a breakfast tradition that leaves a lasting impression on those lucky enough to share it with you.


1 cup of all-purpose flour.

2 large eggs.

1/2 cup of milk.

1/2 cup of water.

1/4 teaspoon of salt.

2 tbsp. of melted butter.

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