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When the weather gets hot and you’re looking for a refreshing and healthy snack to enjoy by the pool, the “Skinny Poolside Dip” is a perfect choice. Packed with flavor and loaded with nutritious ingredients, this dip will satisfy your cravings while keeping you cool and guilt-free. Let’s dive into the recipe and discover how to make this delightful treat.

This “Skinny Poolside Dip” is not only delicious but also a healthy alternative to traditional creamy dips. The Greek yogurt and cottage cheese provide protein and a creamy texture without the excess calories. The fresh vegetables add crunch and contribute to your daily intake of vitamins and minerals.

So, the next time you’re lounging by the pool or hosting a summer gathering, whip up a batch of this dip and let its refreshing flavors enhance your sunny day. Enjoy the taste of summer while keeping your health goals in check!


– 1 Cup.Of Greek yogurt.

– 1 Cup.Of low-fat cottage cheese.

– 1/2 Cup.Of chopped cucumber.

– 1/2 Cup.Of chopped bell peppers (any color).

– 1/4 Cup.Of chopped red onion.

– 2 Tbsp.Of fresh dill, chopped.

– 2 Tbsp.Of fresh parsley, chopped.

– 1 clove garlic, minced.

– Juice of a medium lemon.

– Salt and pepper to taste.

– Assorted fresh vegetables for dipping.

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